Med over 140.000 medlemmer i vores single netværk på Facebook, er MyInkDate ikke bare endnu en dating app. Det er et helt nyt univers af sjove, flotte, frække og spændende tatoverende singler.

Slut med Tinder-trunter og Scor-stoddere, der er en ny spiller i byen – og den er dækket til i blæk og kærlighed.

Vi siger ikke at alle brugerne på Scor og er nogle nosseløse får uden humor og tatoveringer. Vi siger bare at vores medlemmer, er nogle badasses med fede tatoveringer.

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What is MyInkDate?

It’s an app that we find pretty awesome, if we have to say so ourselves. We made it, because we all have tattoos and realized that we all preferred to date tattooed people. So we started looking into the idea of finding someone to date, whom we knew also had tattoos or loved them. To our disappointment and later joy, we found that there were no usable services to provide that contact. So we set upon making that happen and now we present to you – MyInkDate.

App Features

How to meet someone

You simply swipe – just like you’ve grown used to. You can also use the wall section of the app, to find partners and share awesome pictures and stories from your life.

App Features

More than just a dating app

In the next update, you’ll be able to play awesome social games through the app. One of the games will be a modern and more adult version of “Truth or Dare”. We’re really exited to tell and show you even more about all the cool stuff coming up.

App Features

Get personal

When joining our tattoo community, you’ll be able to personalize your profile with both profile pictures as well ass awesome pics of your tattoos. If you get the story behind a potential partner’s tattoo, you’ll get to know a lot more about them.